Bethlehem The STACKS , Glass Working Torch

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Glass Working Torch

The Stacks bench burner was designed specifically to fill the gap between our Alpha burner and our Bravo burner. After taking 2 years for research and development, we created the perfect in-between torch for both the beginner and the experienced flame worker!

Not only will The Stacks bench burner provide glass artists with a wide range of fuel mixtures, flame temperatures, and flame sizes, but it also provides them with purchasing options never before offered by Bethlehem Burners. The Top Mount and Bottom Mount can be purchased separately, thus giving flame workers the option to purchase The Stacks in stages. Additional purchasing options and prices listed below. 


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Product Info

We Only Carry this Configuration.

Stacks – $575.00

  • Stacks I – Top Mount Burner
  • Stacks II – Bottom Mount Burner
  • Stacks Base
  • 4x Set Screws
  • Allen Wrench
  • Lifetime Factory Warranty
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Warranty Cards for Stacks I and Stacks II
  • Instructions



Burner configuration: Stacks I
6 Gas Jets
Broach Oxygen
Face dia. – 3/8″Stacks II
16 Gas Jets
48 Oxygen Ports
Face dia. – 1”
Full flame consumption: Stacks I Gas: 2 lpm (120 lph)
Stacks II Gas: 4 lpm (240 lph)
Stack I Oxygen: 10 lpm (600 lph)
Stacks II Oxygen: 20 lpm (1200 lph)
Works: Stacks I Rod – 15 mm borosilicate Rod
Stack I Tube – 30 mm heavy walled borosilicate tube
Stacks II Rod – 30 mm borosilicate Rod
Stack II Tube – 44 mm heavy walled borosilicate tube
Dimensions: 7″ long with a 6″ square base
Net Weight: 3.68 lbs.