GHC Foot Pedal for Bunson's or Smith Mini Torch

GHC Foot Pedal for Bunson's or Smith Mini Torch

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GHC Foot Pedal by Gabe Hodges !  Works to regulate the flame on your Torch !

Works with Bunson Torches and Smith Mini Torches !


If you have ANY questions , please contact GABE @ 541-870-7860

ALL Pedal's need to be Installed with 2 wrenches to avoid damaging the pedal 



If you smell Propane , STOP use immediately and return Pedal to Gabe for repairs !

Flash Back Arrestors are NOT included , but are Strongly Recommended !

Keep Away from Children

Keep Hands Away from Moving Parts

Keep away from Open Flame or Heat

Never Expose Pedal to heat Above 55 degree C ( 122 degree F ) , or Prolonged Sunlight

Never put Pedal in Flame

Never run more than 120 PSI through Oxygen or Propane

Always make sure Pedal is Completely Closed and Tanks are SHUT OFF , and ALL lines are drained at the end of every work period.

Use at your own risk