Shield Assembly , to Add to a Marver

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Add a Shield Assembly to one of our Marver's that you already have , for $85.00.


This will include a Shaft , Pivot and Shield Channel , with Shield.  


Standard comes with a UV Shield.

You will also also need to choose if you want the Shield to be 4" , 5" or 6" Wide. 

All Shield's are 6.5" Tall.


How tall is the Back graphite on your Marver ??  Choose - Standard@1.5" , more than 1.5" to 3" , or more than 3".  This will let us now how long the Shaft on your Shield Assembly needs to be.


Choose if you already have a Quick Release Pocket.

YES - You already have a Quick Release Pocket

NO - You DO NOT have a Quick Release Pocket , OR you are going to purchase it separately.\


NOTE - After adding this to your cart , you can call us to make sure we will send you the correct Shield Assembly.  We will also need to know how you are planning on mounting it ??  Either by screwing it to the back of the Marver , or by a Quick Release Pocket.  602-374-2447