Extra Shaft + Torch Tab for Blast Shield Torch Stands

Normaler Preis $50.00 Angebot

Extra Shaft + Torch Tab for a Blast Shield Lathe or Bench Torch Stand.


Please Specify Torch and Shaft Length.


Swivel Can be added , for $75.00 more. 

Swivel is Required for Herbert Arnolds , CC w/ B&S and some torches that when base is removed , all moving capability is gone.

This ball swivel allows you to move your torch freely on the top of a Blast Shield Bench or Lathe mount.

Maximum capacity 25 lbs.

Swivel Instructions Tighten Set Screws to Desired Tension and then move freely.

CAUTION – Do Not Over-tighten Swivel and occasionally add a drop of 3in1 or general purpose oil to lube swivel !      If binding occurs , loosen set screws if it doesn’t move freely.