Darby Flaring Corner

Precio habitual $15.00 Oferta

Add a Flaring Corner to one of the Corners of your Marver.

Marver MUST be Upgraded in Size to at Least 2" High on BACK , in order to add to Top Corner's.  But it's recommended to go 2.5" High on Back Height.


Marver MUST be Upgraded in Width to at Least 4" Wide , if Torch is a SNUB NOSE , in order to add to Front Corner of Marver.  

You DO NOT have to Upgrade Marver Size if you are adding to Length/Width Corner's with any other Marver.


And FYI - The Darby Corner on the Top corner's will be blocked by the Shield Assembly if you are using one !

Thank you Darby Holm for this idea !