Nortel Red Rocket Shield&Marver

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The Standard Blast Shield is composed of 5mm thick clear borosilicate glass that is Heat Rated at 800 degree.

We have upgraded Shield's with more protection.

The UV Shield is a Ceramic Based, High Heat, Pressure Rated Glass, but there is a slight “orange peel” effect $25.00. The IR/UV Shield is the UV Shield with an Infrared (IR) coating on 1 side $39.00. Both of these are rated at 1800 degree. We Highly recommend upgrading to one of these for More Protection.

You will need to Choose which Shield you want , and how Wide you want it to be 4" , 5" or 6" Wide. All of our Shield's are 6.5" Tall and there is no extra cost for this.

Note: The Blast Shield does not protect against Sodium-­Flare; you will still need your Didymium Glasses.

The L-Marver is a Standard size of 3” Wide x 3” Length (2.5” working area) x 1.5” Height.

If you would like to make it a different Size. Please go to Marver Options , after adding the Marver to your Cart.

MAX LENGTH for a Red Rocket is 3" ( 2.5" working ) , DO NOT EXCEED THIS.

There are also more options you can add to the Marver. Please go to Marver Options to see them all.

They Include - Marver Upgrade , Quick Release Pocket , Pivoting V-Blade , Pivoting Side Marver , Flat Side Marver , Punty Rest , Darby Corner , Powder Coating.

This particular model has been designed around your specific torch (Manufacturer / Model). The solid aluminum mount sleeves over your torch barrel and clamps down securely, keeping your L-Marver and/or Shield solidly in place.