The Grand , Glass Working Torch

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The Grand

Glass Working Torch

Bethlehem Burners is proud to announce the release of our very first three-stage bench burner, The Grand! This stainless steel, surface mix torch combines our Alpha, Bravo and Champion torches into one easy to use Bench Burner! The three separately controlled stages provide glass artists with unsurpassed control over flame sizes, heat potential and fuel mixture, making the Grand torch the most versatile and fuel efficient glass working torch available today.

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Purchase includes Torch Cleaning Kit
Prices subject to change without notice
Hose set and connector set sold separately


Burner configuration: Center Fire: 6 – gas jets (Alpha Design)
Middle Fire: 12 – gas jets, 36 – oxy ports
Outer Fire – 24 – gas jets, 72 – oxy ports
Face dia. – 1.375″
Full flame consumption: Propane Gas: 5 psi; 12 LPM (720 LPH, 25.43 cu ft/h)
Tanked Oxygen: 20 psi; 60 LPM (3,600 LPH, 127.13 cu ft/h)
1,150 BTU’s Per Minute
Works: 50mm Boro Rod
80mm+ Heavy Walled Tube
Dimensions:  Base: 8″ x 8″
Height: 9.25″
Barrel Length: 7.5″
Net Weight:  9.75 lbs.


Introducing Bethlehem Burners first three-stage bench burner, The Grand!

The Grand is a stainless steel, surface mix bench burner with three separately controlled rings of fire. Each stage is controlled by two needle valves providing artists with unmatched control over flame size, heat potential and fuel mixture ratios. The Grand produces soft enveloping flames that gently bathe glass with a clean even heat. The torch can easily produce a wide range of flames; from small and gentle for fine detail stringer work, to flames large enough to fully encompass 11”+ diameter tubing. The torch is mounted on Bethlehem’s scroll base positioning arm, an upgrade form the traditional rack-n-pinion gear, enabling smooth torch adjustments that automatically lock in place. The Grand is the perfect to all around torch for glass artists working wide ranges of glass, e.g. glass size, color, and density.

Product Info

The Grand Torch comes with:

  • Lifetime Factory Warranty
  • Instructions
  • Bethlehem Burners Cleaning Kit
  • Swivel Base with Scroll Pedestal