Premium Bench Torch Stand

Premium Bench Torch Stand

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Choose your Torch.


A swivel can be added for an even greater range of motion. 

Swivel is Required for Herbert Arnold and CC torches w/o a Rack & Pinion mount.  

Or if you take the base off your torch and you loose the capability to move it freely , you will need the Swivel.

Maximum capacity 25 lbs.

Swivel Instructions - Tighten Set Screws to Desired Tension and then move freely.

CAUTION – Do Not Over-tighten Swivel and occasionally add a drop of 3in1 or general purpose oil to lube swivel !      If binding occurs , loosen set screws if it doesn’t move freely.


This stand mounts to the Top or Under your Bench to allow a greater range of movement for your torch.

We recommend adding it Under your Bench , this will help to keep it cleaner.


The main arm slides in and out on stainless bearings and the Rail is 18" in length.  

18" of Travel Up and Down.


Holes for Torch are Predrilled , Mounting Hardware , NOT included.

This is a Universal Torch stand.  There may be modifications needed to adapt to your situation.